Thursday, June 25, 2009


Thanks so much for all your suggestions re: play list. I will have to check al the songs mentioned (Rich had already pointed to a few Cat Powers songs!)...

But just a quick whine post.

I HURT! I have been quite crampy for a while now, but on Monday I experienced some really severe pain in my left side. This then radiated into my back and left me feeling so nauseous that I threw up in Kohls! I saw also experiencing some strong braxton hicks, which weren't without note! it seemed to settle down a bit by the evening, though my back ached and the BHs were still coming. Tuesday wasn't too bad... but yesterday the stabbing backache returned - along with the pressure waves (i.e. contractions). The pressure waves weren't intense enough to do much, I don't think, but the back stabbing pain - which radiates up my back - has left me feeling pretty miserable. I threw up during my ultrasound (though luckily for everyone I made it to the bathroom in time), and while I had a nice reprieve during a wonderful Reiki session with my friend, Maggie (a lovely shower gift!) when I returned home the pain was intense... and the pressure waves were coming almost continually (again... not very strong waves so wasn't worried about this being 'it'). We went for a walk, hoping that might help, but it just made everything worse, and I had a very fitful night's sleep, waking up either with the back pain or a contraction.

I could cope with a lot more intensity (i.e. birthing).. that's not what is worrying me (at least, not yet). It's just that I don't know what this pain is, and it doesn't feel good or productive. And it's leaving me completely useless. It's hard to stand without the pain shooting off, radiating elsewhere, and thus it's difficult to walk around.. and driving is it's own nightmare. I swam this morning, which was quite nice, but I'm back home, feeling a bit miserable about it all. It's hard, even, to sit at the computer... and as I type I have a hot water bottle strapped to my back in the hope that this will help.

I'm wondering if it's a trapped nerve... I have had sciatica before, and this is too high, I think, for it to be that, but, boy, this is really bloody awful!

This is going to be a long couple of weeks... .


  1. Hey, Kohls makes me throw up too.

    Sounds like some new pressure on your nerves, as you suspect. I hope you figure it out soon.

    Those last few weeks are both exhilirating with anticipation, and trying. Try to rememeber the wonderful anticipation.


  2. actually, come to think of it, a friend had kidney stones when she was pregnant and it sucked because there was nothing they could do for them till after the baby was born...

  3. oh I'm so sorry Alex, what an unhappy turn. I hope it moves along quickly.


  4. ouch... that does sound v. uncomfortable. that last month is hard, no doubt about it... you are so uncomfortable and the anticipation is getting unbearable! i hope your pain eases and you can savour these last few special weeks when poppet is nestled safe inside you, practicing his breathing, putting on a couple more pounds and getting ready to greet the world...

    kate xx

  5. Aha, David! I only went there because it was pouring with rain and I thought that it might help to walk around before an appointment :)

    Deb was really kind to see me today (though she doesn't usually see patients on a Thursday). Unfortunately we're not quite sure what it is. The tender part of my back is swollen and very tight, so it might be constant muscle spasms/nerve stuff. Wow, it really hurts. We did check for kidney stones/UTI, but nothing indicated that...

    So... Deb was worried that I am going to be exhausted and tired in the lead up to the birth so she prescribed a muscle relaxant to see if that helps... I'm not thrilled about that, but I'm going to collect the prescription. What she said made a lot of sense; better to be rested and ready to birth this bambino.

    But jeepers creepers, this is really unpleasant.

    In exciting news: the poppet is engaged and I am a little bit dilated (not quite 1cm). Of course this doesn't mean too much...

    AND our bathroom is finished. I just need to find some energy to clean it :)

  6. post pics of the bathroom (once it's clean of course) You can make Rich do that!

  7. Yes indeed, Richard--you've got bathroom cleaning duty! ;-)

    But Alex, I'm so sorry about the pains. I hope you get some relief soon.

    I can attest to the fact that it's better if at all possible to go into birthing a bit rested. You poor dear!

    Do you need anything? Can Sage and I drop off the wipes warmer on Saturday?

    (Oh! And would you send me directions to your house for the food delivery? ;-)

    I'll be thinking of you--

  8. Oh, Kate, your message must have slipped by as I updated!

    You know I am really enjoying these final weeks.. at least I was! The other discomforts, while a bit cumbersome, have been completely bearable, and I was looking forward to sitting on the deck reading lots of novels and baby books.. I hope this pain lets up soon so I can do just that :) And we just had our TV hooked up so I can watch the tennis and Tour De France!!

    I will, for sure, Erin! It looks really, really lovely. We couldn't be more pleased! And i will pass that message on to Rich!

    Aw, thanks, Jen! You are such a sweety.. and I'll send you a proper email in the morning. .. We'd love to see you!

    Love, loveA

  9. Sorry you are feeling in so much pain. I hope that things will improve soon.