Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today, Rich and I were treated to another baby shower! I have to say that I am a huge fan of this most American tradition! I'll write a proper post about it later (hopefully with some pics... Rich and I left the camera in the car). But I just wanted to rave about some diapers we received (as we all know what a fan I am of all things diaper related).

When I was researching diapers a while ago, I happened upon G-Diapers, which are a hybrid disposable/cloth diaper. They're extremely handy and convenient, and a lot of people (including Fia and Matthew) raved about how wonderful they are. I was going to invest in some for those times when we were out and about, and probably for night times, too - but our diaper budget was running dry and so I put off trying them out.... Imagine my delight when I received a huge G-diaper start-up stash, which will no doubt get us through a long period.

I then saw on their website that they've introduced a new cloth insert, making them a complete, easy-to-use cloth diapering system....

So much more to rave about, too! And my back is feeling quite a bit better.. Hurray!

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