Sunday, June 7, 2009

A spot of tennis

We had a busy weekend... Yesterday we spent much of the day buying stuff for the Poppet (more for another post, I think), and today we began the day with a game of tennis. We haven't played since Thanksgiving - when we first found out we were expecting. We were hoping to play in Florida but my foot injury kept us from having a game. I've been desperate to play, though, so this morning we thought we'd go for it! At the most I thought we'd gently hit the ball in an effort to get a rally going, but, to my surprise, we had a great game! I was feeling really good, and only noticed that I was 8.5+ months pregnant when trying to run down a drop-shot. Of course he took full of advantage of that!

I took a quick 4-0 lead, but then I checked in with Poppet to see how he was doing and he of course was not moving!! He was sound asleep and I couldn't rouse him at all. Despite 'knowing' that he was fine (as movement really seems to lull him.. and he'd been very active in the wee hours of the night) I became extremely worried. Had my serve done something to upset him? I lay on he ground, even, trying to get him to make himself known, but nothing... I of course lost concentration and Rich came back to win 6-4.

As soon as I got home and made myself a cold smoothie he was back to his dancing self. I must remember this when I'm enduring my next panic... when I'm on the elliptical he is always quiet...

Anyway, in spite of that we had a lovely game! Here are some photos of my inelegant self :) Afterward, in order to shower (the bathroom is a saga) we went to the gym and lifted some weights. I'm so grateful that I'm still so active.. even though I end up feeling quite exhausted by the afternoon. It doesn't seem to matter what I do in the morning, though... active or not, the same fatigue kicks in.

About to take RIchie on for a game of tennis...

Pregnancy has taken quite a toll on my serving technique :)


  1. Aw, Alex, it's so amazing how well you know little Poppet. Even if you doubt yourself sometimes and worry! He's a lucky boy.

    Glad you two had a chance for some tennis. I love the pix!


  2. i think you look beautiful.

  3. I LOVE these pictures. You look wonderful! And I'm so glad you got a chance to get out and play. Good for you!


  4. oh my goodness! 8 months pregnant and playing tennis! you are super woman!

  5. alex,
    i must agree with kate, you ARE a wonder woman!
    love the pix and thank you for sharing ;)

  6. Thanks, friends!

    I really do feel physically good... but mostly just when I'm moving! It feels more uncomfortable to sit down. I just returned from a prenatal yoga class, and it felt really wonderful to stretch out a bit. I've been to see a chiropractor this week, too, and that seems to have helped a lot..

    but, boy, I am soooo ready to meet this little one! I'm almost 35 weeks so definitely in the home stretch, but I have a feeling it will drag on a bit.

    And whilst I'm in the comments section, I'm going to moan about the bathroom, which STILL is far from being done. We've been without a bathroom for an entire month, and I could just cry as I look around the house. Let's hope it is finished by the end of the week, or, early next week at the latest.

    I'm trying to buy some final necessities.. and will write a post about it in a moment as I need your help, people!

    Love, A