Saturday, June 13, 2009

35 weeks 3 day...

I haven't posted any belly shots for a while... What a progression!
Almost 16 weeks

19 weeks

23 weeks

And here's me at 27 weeks - almost SEVEN months - pregnant.
I am carrying HIGH! I feel like a big egg!

32 weeks 4 days

35 weeks 3 days Yikes. I am expanding at an alarming rate! Not long to go, thankfully! I'm waiting for the stretch marks to appear...


  1. Great series of photos, Alex!

  2. you might not get stretch marks... i never did!

    what a cute belly you have :)


  3. Thanks, David! Just when I think my stomach couldn't feel any tighter and get any bigger... well, it most certainly does!

    Oh, interesting, Kate. Everywhere I've read seems to suggest that stretch marks are inevitable! They are of course wonderful signs that your body has birthed a baby, but, you know, I could definitely live without them :)

    Off to the gym to shower... at least the tile man is coming today, so hopefully we have an end in sight. Hopefully...

  4. jeepers at first I thought the first one was now and wondered where the hell Rafi had gone! It's so amazing and so beautiful...

  5. aw, you seriously have the cutest pregnancy tummy ever!

    i can't believe it is so close - i feels like just yesterday that i got the text message announcing the news!

    ahh! i am so excited :)

  6. LOL, lou! Given his size he'd certainly have a job fitting in the top tummy :) Alas, from the size of the final photo I can safely confirm that this big boy has plenty of space!

    Aw, thanks, Ren! I am definitely not feeling cute... just big as a house!! Cannot wait to meet the little fella! Keep your phone on for texts... I shall be sending you lots of messages about how things are going!!

    Love, A

  7. hey there, beautiful alex.

    hey there, little rafi.

    (and of course, hi rich!)
    can't wait to see you all.


  8. you have a truly adorable tummy. I just had to say that. What a great home you and your body have made for Rafi. Hopefully not so great, though, that he won't want to leave.


  9. HIya Fi! Rafi is waving right back at you :)

    Thanks, Rodeo! I'm sort of excited for this little one to move out!! Of course.. when he's ready - which I hope is very soon!!

    Love, A