Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July!

By the end of the month we should have our little guy with us! Our official due date us July 16th, so two weeks away :) But, he could come at any point. We're so excited. I was feeling very impatient last week - perhaps because of the darn backache - but this week I am enjoying the anticipation of the wait. I almost don't want it to end... Though of course I mostly cannot wait to meet the little chap.

On Monday I had my weekly OB appointment. I was a little alarmed to find that my fundal height was DOWN - just 35cm - and that I had dropped a couple of pounds. Deb checked to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid, though it didn't appear to be the case. I of course was a bit concerned, though Deb thought that he'd just dropped farther into my pelvis. That for sure feels to be the case....

Even so, I was quite worried and was looking forward to the scan today. Everything was great, though :) Amniotic fluid was spot-on, and if i was worried about growth this past week or so, I shouldn't have been! Poppet is guesstimated to be 7 pounds 13oz. Wowsa... not a small baby, by any means. We couldn't really get a picture of the boy because he's so far down - but we'll get to see him very soon.

We're really excited for the birth, though this week some trepidation about the birth has begun to sneak in. People do love to share their war stories, and whilst I've mostly been pretty good at not taking too much note, this week I felt a bit discouraged. I think I've mentioned before that I see an integrative MD/ He's been helping me with some of my hypnobabies scripts. I saw him today and it was very helpful. He was completely booked up for next week, but he very kindly scheduled me in to see him before his first scheduled patient. I'm so glad to have so many lovely practitioners helping. I must work this week on bolstering my 'peace bubble' :)

So we are really counting down the days, people!!! I'm nervous, excited, a little frightened.. but mostly I (in fact, 'we') can't wait to meet the little cherub!


  1. Oh, Alex, you're going to own this experience and it's going to be grand! I think I've told you before that giving birth was the most empowering thing I've ever done. Nothing else even comes close. You're strong, smart, and healthy, you've got a wonderful birth partner and a practitioner you trust. It'll be beautiful!


  2. wowzer, so soon! it it just me or were you peeing on a stick only 10 minutes ago?

    much much love lucy x

  3. i've felt that nervous excited anticipation before each labour... because you never know quite how it will be... personally i've found birthing to be the most challenging and amazing thing i've ever done (x4). the hardest thing (for me) was "letting go" and letting my body do what it needed to do. you are so well perpared and have such a good support system i know that you will do wonderfully well :)


  4. Thanks, Jen! I hope you;re having a lovely holiday... we'll miss you! We'll see if the little fella will hold on until you get back!

    I know, Lucy!!! It seems like a short time AND a long time.. all in one go.

    Thanks for having confidence in me, Kate. I almost don't want the anticipation to stop! But of course I am also so excited to meet the poppet. It's hard to believe that I am more than 38 weeks now!!