Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two weeks old!

Rafi is two weeks today!! Time is flying and I wish, wish it would slow down. We're having such a lovely time. Today I went to the gym very early, Rafi napped with papa, and I came home and we watched the Tour de France together.... We then napped for a long time and the traveling nurse came for a visit. Rafi has gained lots of weight! He was down to about 6 pounds 10oz when we weighed him at the Dr's, but last Wednesday he was almost at his birth weight (7 pounds 2), according to the nurse's scale.. and today he weighed in at 8 pounds 1oz! That's practically a pound in one week.

This was a major relief. I hadn't expected to be so anxious around breast-feeding, but you're essentially responsible for someone else's nutrition.. and you are sort of left guessing as to how much they're getting. So well done Rafi!! And even though he has just nursed NON STOP for the past 4-5 hours, nursing has been going quite well.

I downloaded a few shots of Rafi when he was first born... so to mark his second week birthday, here they are! Oh, yes, we're having some professional photographs taken on Sunday. This is very unlike us... but we'd love to have some good snapshots of the little fella.

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