Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three Weeks

Rafi is three weeks old today. It's going much too quickly! I can't believe how much he's growing, and while it's so lovely to see him thriving and growing, a big part of me is so sad that it's passing so quickly.

And growing he is! Yesterday Rafi was projectile vomiting all over the place, We were in Panera when all of a sudden up came his breakfast all over me, him, and the seating. I carry several outfits for him in his diaper bag and we were fast running out of them!

He was sick pretty much throughout the day so I called the nurse and she suggested we come in. We saw a very nice Dr who though Rafi looked just great... and since he weighed in at 8 pounds 12 he us gaining plenty of weight!! That's more than two pounds in two weeks!

He's growing out of some of his outfits, too... I wish we could hit the pause button even though this is also a challenging time,

In other news...

1) We had a really fun photo session on Sunday with a local photographer. I can hardly wait for the proofs! They'll be online if anyone is interested in checking them out.

2) Rafi has started to vomit a lot... It's making feeding times a bit anxiety provoking. I'm hoping it gets better soon :(

3) I've been out on my bike a couple of times and it feels so good to be outside in the fresh air. Getting in some activity on a daily basis seems pretty key to good mental health.

4) We're planning on having a naming-ceremony... a post to come about that!

5) I am so grateful for all the wonderful meals everyone has been leaving for us!!

6) THANK YOU, Eileen, for offering to come and sit with Rafi!!!

Some more pics, of course!

his three week birthday.... his first time on a bike!


  1. it does go too fast... each and every time. my oldest will be 10 years old in september (how did that happen?) and i can't quite believe that my strapping young boy, who was a baby such a short time ago, will be a man in another 10 years...

    and there there is L, who is already 7 months... i do feel so lucky that i got the chance to enjoy babyhood 4 times over because each time is a new adventure with a new child and such a special time in a child's lifetime (i treasure it more now than i did the 1st time!)

    so how do you take rafi on the bike? does he have a little carriage?!

  2. he is just too adorable for words. when do i get to see my nephew again? i'm having withdrawals!

    love you, and hope the little one's tummy is feeling lots better (and that the little one's mummy has gotten some more rest!).

  3. does he maybe have reflux? or maybe he's just at a stage where he's growing so fast he has to eat a ton, and his tummy is overloaded? I think it's amazing how babies regulate their hunger. sometimes my nieces will be eating a ton, sometimes they just pick at their food -- depending on how they're growing. What a lesson!

    Anyway, I hope that gets better soon. It does not sound fun. Loved the pictures! xoxo

  4. oh alex,
    i <3 seeing all these firsts. thank you so much for sharing them. really... i couldn't be more happy for you. this is what its about yeah ;)


  5. Hey Alex,

    Sorry we've been out of town and so have been missing Rafi's third week. But wow! What a week! His first bike ride! And the spitting up. I'm so sorry about that but I'm glad at least the doc thinks he's fine. He is obviously getting the nutrients he needs. But I hope he is feeling better soon.

    There is some food for you from Julia plus Rich's jacket at our house--so if you can come by tomorrow (Monday) please do feel free! I am not sure when it'll be but I hope I get to see you two. Miss you! And I've been thinking of you!