Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beach days (and nights)

A few pics of some of our trips to the beach. I often head there with the three children, which takes several acts of good fortune (i.e. the children helping and not crying!). It's always very nice when Rich is able to get there, too. We often meet friends there - either arranged or by accident - and it's always worth the effort of schlepping the kiddos and all their many (apparently) essentials! 

Lots of play dates at the beach, including this excellent time with Raf's super friend Gideon and his sister Violent. 

We had a super fun evening with many of Raf's school friends.

And the addition of a wagon has made it easier for me to get on an off the beach with everyone/everything.

Charlie especially enjoys the wagon.

We're often there with our neighbours, who have a lovely little 2 year old, Brady. They have so much fun together.

 Raf is really enjoying his boogie board this year. We're thinking of putting him in surf camp later this summer.

And Hatts is amazingly serene as she hangs out with me and the boys.

Uh oh... thank goodness Rich came towards the end of our beach visit to help me get these two to the car.

Another day, another visit to the beach.

Raf insisted on pulling Charlie himself. It was so painful that people were taking pictures, and one woman, who must have thought I needed Raf to help (as I had Harriet) came over to see if we needed help. As we were slowly (painfully) making our way off the beach, my friend Margaret called to invite us for lunch. Such amazing timing!

Evenings are some of the nicest times down there.. it's good that we only live 4 mins away,

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