Monday, August 31, 2015

First Grader

Raf's first day as a first grader, today. He could not have been more excited. He was up at 5:30am, raring to go. He requested pancakes, packed his new bag (after I ruined his old one by putting it in the dryer with a crayon... argh) and got ready for the bus. Yes, Raf has worn us down and he is now going to get the bus. I called last week and asked if it was possible for the bus to pick him up closer to our house, and much to our surprise they said 'yes'!

Then it was outside to wait for the bus... and take a few photos.

And we waited... and waited. And danced to Katy Perry songs as we did so. Where is the bus?? About 15 minutes after it was expected Rich called the bus depot only to be told that they'd forgotten to pick Raf up! The downside of being a new stop... but the bus kindly turned around and came back for poor old Raf. He was such a trooper and hopped on to the bus like a pro.


I emailed his new teacher to see if he'd gotten to school in one piece and she let me know that he was doing wonderfully. Of course when he got home he couldn't remember anything he did. Indeed I asked him if he missed me and he responded, 'I totally forgot about you all'! I'll take that as a good sign.

After work Charlie, Hattie, and I waited for the bus to arrive.

It's coming!

Our neighbor was with us and I was a bit aghast when Raf dove off the bus and ran behind some bushes. I thought something had gone horribly wrong... but he was just absolutely desperate to pee! A really super first day. And he loved getting the bus, sitting next to his friend Lucy on the way home.

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