Friday, August 21, 2015

Staycation: Part 2

Staycation Part Two began with a trip to Sebago Lake on the Wednesday. It's a bit of a drive out there but always worth it as Raf, especially, can swim and swim and swim as the water is generally calm and clear (no pesky seaweed for our seaweed disliking 6 year old). It was difficult to coax him out...

Charlie also enjoyed it, but he's not a fan of being cold, even mildly so, so he was especially happy about the picnic. Living the dream, these two.

Yummy, yummy!

Hatts enjoyed the shade offered by the trees... 

And we also hit the park there, along with an entire camp of children. Rich took the littlest two for a drive as we were there long after nap time, and this meant I could have some swimming fun with Rafi. It was just beautiful. Pity we don't live closer nowadays.

But we did manage to hit the beach for some evening fun.

Raf is loving his boogie board and I wish I'd gotten him into a surf camp this year... next year, for sure.

Yep, not a fan of the cold!

Here I go...

Our cool dude.

This is more like it, Charlie.

On Thursday we lay low for most of the day so I could get some work done. That evening, though, we headed into Portland to buy some takeaway Thai food from our favourite vegetarian restaurant, The Green Elephant. Thanks to Amy and Jen who gave us voucher for our anniversary last year! Raf surprised us by eating things with spinach in them (hurrah!), and we took our Thai picnic to Bug Light Park to watch the evening movie in the park. It was such a lovely event. We ate, played football, enjoyed the views and ice treats and just about made it through most of the film (though I couldn't tell you what it was about.. Tangled, I think).

We live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Goodnight, Portland.

On the Friday we took a boat out to Peaks Island with my friend Rob and his lovely children, Penelope and Javi. Next year Hatts will be old enough for us to bring our bikes, but on this trip we just headed to the beach there for a picnic.

The crew.

And back to Portland.

We enjoyed a lie in on the Saturday (you know, past 6am).

And a final staycation trip to the train station with Rich (we usually have to go without him). We treated the boys to new museum trolley shirts and we boarded the trolley for a family ride.

On the Saturday Raf had a very high fever of 104, but I put the tent up (and Rich helped to finish it off) and bless the boys they all went camping in the garden (not a good way for Rich to begin the work week!). Raf and Rich made it until morning but at 3am I could hear Charlie crying, I want mama, I want mama', and Rich brought him to me upstairs.

Good luck!

 A really wonderful, busy, exhausting staycation (I could do with another holiday after that). Lots of things to tick off on our summer wish list, too!

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