Sunday, August 16, 2015


Summer is hurtling by and I don't ever seem to get a chance to pop on my computer, aside from when I'm trying to squeeze in some work. It's also been jam packed with lots of exhausting yet fun activities, including an entire week of staycation adventures.

Earlier in the summer Raf enjoyed his first proper fun run. It was a 1k and Rich was signed up to do the 5k. We hadn't planned on Raf doing it but about an hour before the race he said he'd really like to do it, so off we went to Ocean Park. He was very excited, and as a bonus we also bumped into one of Raf's school friends, Lucy, who was also running.

Charlie was also going to do it... but decided against it.

Getting ready.... 

He had such a fun time!

After Raf's race we hung around until Rich was ready to go... waiting to cheer on Daddy!

Go Daddy, Go!

The next morning Raf and Charlie were both keen to head out to practice some running so they came with me on our first run with Raf cycling and Charlie in the stroller. I have to admit that running without Raf in the stroller is a lot nicer. He is getting heavy. Looking forward to Hatts being a bit older so we can run with her, too, though.

And off we go... with both kids asking a trillion questions as I buffed and puffed up the hill.

We made it to the state park!

A couple of weeks later the boys then ran the kids' Beach to Beacon race. The adult race, the next day, is a huge event, but as we learned, so is the kids' race! We were there for a LONG time as they started with the older runners, but Raf's great friends, Gideon, was there and they managed to exhaust themselves as they goofed around waiting for their turn.

The four blondies.

Rich ran with Charlie. I was waiting at the line and asked Rich how it went... and apparently Charlie was rolling around on the ground when the whistle went.

Here they go!

Charlie finishing...

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