Monday, August 31, 2015

Third of a Year!

On Friday, the 28th, Hatts turned 4 months old. I tried to be on the ball to make a 'third' of a cake but I just couldn't find the time. She is growing so fast, and is already rolling from her back to her stomach. She can't rock herself back yet so she's often grumpy when she's had enough of tummy time, but each time I leave her on her mat to have a little kick and play she almost immediately rolls herself over!

She is also trying to sit up... and loves nothing more than bending forward in a good attempt to put her feet in her mouth!

She is still suffering with awful GERD but she's doing well on the medicine. 

And these three together are incredibly lovely.

Photo by Raf... Hatts' favourite place is still the moby... She grins hugely when she sees I'm putting it on (especially when she's tired). 

She's such a smiley, happy girl. She is less happy about taking a bottle (I returned to work last week) but is doing a little better each time. Saying goodbye to the Hatts.

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