Monday, August 17, 2015

Staycation Part One

A couple of weeks ago Rich took a week off from work for a family staycation. We have a long list of things we want to do this summer, and we planned to tick a few off the docket during this week. We started the week off with a very busy weekend, beginning with a baby shower for our friend and lovely neighbour, Shannon, who is having a baby girl! It was at her inlaws house and they have a lovely pool that the boys enjoyed very much. 

A relaxing evening on the deck..

And on the Sunday a Teddy Bears' picnic at Rafi's friend Gideon's home. It was such a lovely morning (and Gideon's mum is just brilliant so it was fun for me, too).

A quick evening trip to the beach with some neighbourhood friends rounded out a busy weekend.

Here's Hatts being all sweet in the midst of it all.

The next day, along with almost all of Maine, we took advantage of half price Mondays at Aquaboggan, a local water park. Raf has been desperate to go but I can't take all three on my own so this was high on our list. Raf is like a little fish and he loves to swim around so he was happy to spend a lot of time in the wave pool. Charlie liked the toddler pool, too.

Raf went on a couple of slides, but we really do need to go back so he can spend more time exploring the bigger kid slides. 

Aw, relaxing.

Hatts and I look on as the boys play in the big pool.

Charlie must have worked up an appetite as here he's eating an apple and a banana simultaneously.

On the Tuesday we decided to do a little hike around Mackworth Island. This is another place we've been meaning to take the boys. It was a beautiful afternoon for it.

A little break on well placed benches along the way.

Stopping to build a fairy house.

Leaves for a roof.

We were lucky to miss an incoming storm and en route home we stopped off at Sweet Frog, which sells a number of dairy free 'ice creams'. So delicious!

And then a cuddle for the oldest and youngest when we arrived home.

And then a morning cuddle before we headed out on our next adventure to the lake..

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