Saturday, August 29, 2015

Late Summer Days.

Just some pics of our final weeks of summer...

More trips to The Narrow Gauge Railway with the children.

Lots of playing outside... lots and lots of train tracks EVERYWHERE! Yesterday I couldn't walk on the deck.

A very, very soggy trip to the Children's Museum. Utter nightmare walking from the car park to the museum with torrential rain and wind blowing our umbrellas, a cringe toddler with a soggy sandwich hanging out of this mouth, and a cold, wet baby.. and then we had to queue along with half of Maine and Quebec.

Still, fun when we were in there.

And phew, the sun came out for more beach days...

And lots of boogie boarding.

And an evening ice cream ride on the trolley with some lovely neighbors.

A run with my boy, Charlie.

And a return to the beach...

Crazy golf, a gift from Raf's birthday... so much fun!

One of the best mornings all summer was a meet up with some of Raf's old kindergarten friends. My friend Lindsay has a beautiful beach house nearby and she kindly let us use it for our reunion. It was a really great time. Of course we were the last to leave...! Who could leave this?!

And Hatts was there for all of it!

And the next day? yes, back to the beach.

On this particular day I returned later in the evening with the children. Rich thought I was bonkers to go back down again. but who could miss this?

A fabulous hour down on the beach.

Summer is almost at an end. I didn't take any photos but we also happened upon a baby sand shark, who sadly died. Lots of attempts to put it back in the water after it beached itself a few times, but it was clearly injured. Raf was devastated but now wants to save sharks when he's older.

More adventures to write about but now we're getting ready to send Raf to first grade...

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