Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fun with Friends

This summer has been jam packed. On Saturday, after a morning run with the boys (Raf on his bike, Charlie in his stroller), we headed up to Bradbury Mountain to go hiking with the Neumann/Perluts. It was a fun walk up, though Charlie was super tired after a week of swim camp, and I was relieved that Rich was there to pick him up for some of the walk. 

Thanks, Stacey, for the family photo!

We then scooted to Freeport, just a few minutes down the road, to enjoy the free LL Bean summer concert. It was a lot of fun, though Charlie by this time was thoroughly shattered, and I think he must have fallen over 10 times and hurt himself as he could barely walk in a straight line.  Hatts of course slept most of the time, but she enjoyed having a little kick around on the rug.

Raf is seriously into dancing...

The kids were very boisterous so we took them to the car park where they could run around like lunatics without annoying too many concert goers.

Mind you, the boys were a source of entertainment... as you can see below, people were actually turning around to watch their moves!

1 comment:

  1. I love the dancing - such groovy little guys you have there, Alex! :)
    Harriet is looking so beautiful. You must be such a proud mama.
    Wishing you all a really fun summer. xx