Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rafi's Birthday Bash!

 We had Raf's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. He'd invited his entire class plus neighborhood friends and their siblings, so we were expecting MANY people. 10 days beforehand I was obsessively checking the weather, and for the longest time it looked as though it was going to rain. How we'd accommodate so many people in our humble house was a bit concerning. Thankfully the sun shone and it was a gorgeous day. Raf had a blast - indeed we all did. It was a very fun day with 30 or so children running around like maniacs!

And we hired a bounce house! very last minute, but it was a fun addition. I bounced on it a little bit and it was really exhausting. No wonder poor old Charlie was so tired as he was on there practically all day with his big friend Cameron.

Trying it out.

I made all the food except for this wonderful cake. I liked to pretend it was my work, though :)

All ready!

And then everyone arrived! One of Raf's best friends, Gideon.

Slide into the pool, washing up liquid on the slip n' slide... just adding a bit of danger.

And the piñata! This was absolutely crazy with all the children desperate for a go and then desperate they'd miss the sweeties (no chance of that as Rich went out and bought more candy after my pathetic haul).

And then cake!

We'd asked Raf's friends to bring bikes or scooters for a birthday parade... it was incredible fun!

And finally presents... so so many presents. They were like animals ripping everything open, with Chaz in particular helping.  I have no idea who brought what but everyone was so generous.

Finally everyone left and the boys (including Rich!) had a nap, and then our neighbours came over for another bounce on the bouncy castle and a glass of sangria. Very lovely day.

Bye bye bouncy castle, you were fun. Though Raf's very favourite part of the day was the parade. Thanks so much for everyone who came, who helped clear away, and for keeping an eye on Charlie who I barely saw all day!

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