Thursday, July 23, 2015

Early July Fun!

July is going very quickly... just a few pics from the early part of the month. 

Beth and Scott visited us on the eve of July 4th with some fun gifts for the children. A lovely hat for the Hatts, and some fun beads and paper hats for the boys, as well as a very cool old train book. There were some tears as Raf ripped a bit of his hat, but the boys were chuffed with their swag. 

There have been many trips to the beach...

With fun and racing.

There is always a lovely parade nearby on July 4th, and the boys were very excited. They had their beads on, too.

And here we are on Candy Corner... the best place for the candy that's thrown from the floats.

Our favourite chippy had a float.

So many sweeties.

And then it was off to a neighbourhood party. Lots of fun.

A very late night but it meant a lovely cuddle with the children in the morning. 

And then of course it was Raf's big birthday week, which ended with a trip to OOB for some fun on the fairground. It had been a washout on his actual birthday and we were glad we waited. The boys had a blast.

Charlie watching his big brother.

And then we had time to play on the beach.

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