Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sweet Hattie.

Harriet is 12 weeks old (we're getting ready to celebrate the full three months in just a couple of days). All of a sudden she is sprouting up, becoming more interactive, and has quickly outgrown her 3 month old baby clothes. This is all at the same time phenomenal and lovely as well as heartbreaking and sad as there will be no other baby poppets after Hattie Rose. She's so funny and sweet, though.

Here she is doing some tummy time with Sammy.

Then just hanging out in the moby as we walk the pups.

A quick plank whilst changing...

And then some big smiles as my mummy and brothers chat to me.

Bed time is going well.

Though she thoroughly enjoyed her hike, sleeping through the majority of it.


being cute.

Being grumpy as we wait for the Triple A people to rescue us from the beach on a very late Friday evening after someone left something on in the car, draining the battery.

First time in the Moby with her Dad!

And being incredibly cute and darling for my friend Margaret who captured this for me as I was getting one of the boys changed at swim camp. 

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  1. She's so alert and adorable! Love the pictures.