Sunday, July 26, 2015

Adventures With Three Poppets/

July has been flying by. Rich has been working lots so I've been spending lots of time with the three poppets. I keep thinking that this will be the only year where we'll be spending so much time together over the summer as I imagine that Raf will be more interested in going to camps next year, so I've been trying to make the most of it. We've been cramming in a lot.

We have season passes to the Kennebunk Trolley Museum as well as the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Portland, so we go to both fairly regularly. Here we are at the Trolley Museum... 

And then after our ride Hatts and I watch on as the boys play with the trains there.

A very kind and lovely neighbour left a $5 bill in Raf's birthday card so he was lucky to be able to pick out a present for himself. (And Charlie did, too..!)

Feeling brave, I took the children into Kennebunport for a sorbet 'ice cream'. It was so lovely just lounging on the grass outside the ice-cream store as the boys ate their sorbets and played with their new trains.

Hattie catches some rays.

A couple of days later we hit the Narrow Gauge Railway. 

And then feeling very brave, I took the children hiking up Bradbury Mountain on my own. I was completely relying on Charlie being able to walk up and down the Mountain on his own, though I had no reason to think that he would or could. Up we go...

Raf helps his little brother.

And amazingly we made it to the top.

And we made it down again! Miracle. The boys were exhausted and fell asleep on the way home, but I did stop and woke them up to get them another ice cream (non dairy frozen yogurt... another miracle in itself). Yummy.

And of course lots of trips to the beach. Getting on and off the beach (especially the latter) is a picture of torture as I try to wrangle Hattie, Charlie, and all of the things the boys think they need. Raf is a super helper, though. 

Then the week begins again and we're off to the Trolley Museum AGAIN! I wonder when it will get old for these kids.

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