Wednesday, October 3, 2012

39 weeks

We'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. I think everyone is surprised that baby Toast is still cooking. 9 weeks of pre-labour and still not a baby to show for it. I'm actually very glad as research does show that there's even a significant difference in terms of brain and nervous-system development between a 37 and 40 weeker. Mind you I don't know that I'd be super happy to be 42 plus weeks.

Yesterday I went along for my 39 week scan and, again, baby boy looked great. It was another biophysical and not a growth scan. He passed with flying colours. My amniotic fluid levels, though, continue to rise and are thisclose to being abnormal. I'm not super worried about it - except that it's exceptionally uncomfortable to have almost twice the normal average amount of fluid. I have no idea where I'm putting it because I'm measuring a few weeks behind when the midwife measures my fundal height, and we know that baby boy is very average in size. I can, nonetheless, feel all that fluid and it's like walking around after you've eaten 5 Christmas dinners in one go, followed by an entire stockings worth of chocolate and sweeties. The other concern is that there will be a tidal wave when my waters break. Let us hope that I'm in the hospital by that point... 

37 week scan!

39 week scan!

He really does look a lot like Rafi, in utero, at least.

Rafi's 36 week scan


  1. Big boy!! I hope he comes soon so you can be more comfortable. I know a lady who lost 25 lbs the first week she had so much fluid on her. I didn't have anything like that with J but I am sorry for the discomfort.

  2. The first thing I thought was "whoa that's gonna be some crazy water-breaking flood"!
    I love how technology can show so much detail. Cutie pie for sure. I hope you can find some comfort today. I've had GI stuff and I can't imagine what having that much fluid and a baby in you must be like

  3. Oh yikes, Julie! Luckily I don't have any extra fluid elsewhere,.. just amniotic fluid, One of the dangers is that the baby might move around a lot more and could turn breech. That said he's been head down for at least the last 3 months so I'm not too worried. Excess fluid can signal a congenital problem but, again, all scans have looked great and it's not REALLY elevated... just slightly (it's about the 95th percentile). I suspect that if my waters break my tummy is going to look much, much smaller! It's so crazy. I have triple the amount of fluid now than I did with Raf!

    Lou, it's a bit misery making, especially because I am still sick and nauseous. I can barely eat and really would love to eat very yummy foods. So sorry about your GI issues. WHat's going on? xo

  4. I had hydramnios when I was pregnant with Patrick, so I empathise. I can also confirm that when the waters go, they go!!! I was in the labour room and the whole bed, including the pillow (!) needed changing when my waters broke.

    I am so thrilled that you've got to full-term. It must have been a fraught few weeks for you but the baby will be here within days and I hope the nausea subsides quickly and you can regain your appetite and build your energy levels back up.

    For me, labour was infinitely more preferable to pregnancy and the relief to have my babies in my warm arms was immense. I bet you can't wait to feel your little boy's softness in your arms and to see that first moment between him and Rafi. Such special times are only just ahead of you. :)

    Take good care and I hope you get some sleep in. xx

  5. Baby Toast we all are waiting to see you (in pictures!) very soon!

    Too cute u/s pictures :)