Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life with a 3 year old.

* Yesterday up at 4:30am today 5:30am.

* Morning cuddles on the couch watching Kipper.

* Train obsession.

* "I don't wanna do that" - over and over again.

* "I love you guys" - and other variations.

* "Noooooooooooo" - a lot.

* "Big kiss, mummy".

* 10 attempts to change his clothes, dress him, get him in his car seat, and on, and on.

* "Rafi, do you need the potty?' Nooooooooooooooo... followed by an accident!

* Pee-pee dance and song, and the 'pee-pee trying' dance and song when he's made an effort to go.

* Funny commentaries... "Daddy took my i-Pad", and, tonight, when Rich put him in the bath when he was expecting to just go to the potty, "Daddy took my clothes" - with tears, too!

The ups and downs of life with a little fella is so funny and, of course, exhausting. Today we went to our dear friends' son's birthday party. Rafi was super excited about seeing Nico and Rose and as soon as we got there he ignored everyone and played with the trains. He was so tired from early mornings and limited napping that he was a bit of a tyrant when we were there. He screamed bloody murder when I took him to the potty and disturbed his train playing (though once he had gone and we had done the pee-pee dance and song he was super chuffed with himself) and while he was having a fine old time playing with 2 brothers close to his age, there were a lot of tears and breakdowns over sharing. And then the part that made me haul him over my shoulder and put him in the car to go home... Raf saying to a sweet little boy, in a very bossy boots, rude way - "Get out of my way", as he played trains. Oh, the horror! I thought he'd picked it up from school but I happened to catch a brief clip of a Thomas the Tank Engine episode and heard Gordon saying to one of the other trains, "get out of my way", in much the same way.



  1. Ugh, I hate when they pick up quotes from shows! I've had to explain more than once to my middle girl that they are an example of how you are NOT to act, but that just makes it even funnier *facepalm*

  2. J wasn't even two when she looked at me and said "are you stupid?" I was really horrified but it turned out my father in law had said that to the cat the day before. It still upset me and really my in laws are not careful at all with what they say in front of J.

  3. I remember when Zoey's sister as a baby burnt her arm on the radiator. Their dad shouted "oh SHIT babycat". Zoey would only let people call baby willa 'babycat'. For the next several weeks out in public zoey would suddenly just go "oh shit! Babycat". Mum said she was in telco the other day and this little boy was walking around behind his mum who was trying to ignore him "fuck, fuck fuck!".

    Lol. I wish you more sleep and rest my darling x

  4. These kids are so funny! More favs: 'I got an ouchy', 'Daddy took my books' (that was this evening!), 'ouchy, my dinky'.

    This morning I woke up to, "a big hug, mummy", as he woke up.