Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome home, Baby...

...Charlie! Yes... we eventually settled on a name. Raf has been calling Toast 'Baby Charlie' from almost the minute we told him he was having a baby brother. We had a list of names we were thinking about and Charlie was added to the list. We wanted to meet the little chap before deciding - and it wasn't until yesterday that we finally settled on Charles Archie (aka Baby Charlie). He definitely wasn't an Oscar and while I thought he might be a George - Rafi and Rich were going to find it very difficult to call him anything but Charlie. It actually really, really suits him. Archie was my dad's name, and I'm glad that we've been able to use it. He does also seem like an Archie, too, so both names really suit him.

So Charlie was born on October 17th at 11:04pm. He was born in the water - which was simply amazing - and my lovely midwife Jen was there. I'll hopefully blog about it tomorrow, but the birth was pretty incredible - short and very intense. Charlie wasn't as big as the scans predicted (which I also predicted), and he came in at a very healthy 7 pounds 8.8 oz and 20.25 inches long. He was super alert and happy and really has been so laid back. His nights and days are all mixed up so I haven't had much sleep this week but it's hard to sleep when he's so sweet, anyway.

Today we brought him home! Raf and Rich came to pick me up and we had some photos taken by the hospital photographer - which was a bit of an adventure. Finally we made it out, said goodbye to the nurses, and we were on our way home!

Raf is really such a good brother... .Here he is helping his brother into his car seat.

Kisses before the car trip home... But then baby Charlie was sick so we had a quick outfit change.

Then to the car.  I sat in the middle with my boys on either side. Charlie didn't mind the car chair at all - and didn't fuss or cry for a second. He fell asleep about 20 minutes into the trip and stayed asleep for a lot of the afternoon.

Raf was really happy. I was holding Raf's hand and he told me to hold Baby Charlie's hand, too.

About to head into the house... Charlie didn't wake up for any of it!

Raf was showing Charlie his trains and kindly gave him a book to look at.

Snuggles at home.


  1. Love the name! It's all so sweet!! Congrats again

  2. Awww I love Charlie!!! Rafi is such an awesome big brother!!!

  3. Loved the name Charlie :) Rafi looks so happy and excited for his baby brother!! Lovely pictures, you look beautiful Alex :)

  4. Yay Charlie! I also love the name Archie. Charlie looks so much like rafi in some of those pics. I'm so impressed by how rafi has taken to him, it's so lovely. I'm sure it wont always be so since they are siblings but it looks to me like he's going to really be the best big brother. How gorgeous you all look.


  5. This reminds me so much of when we first brought Sawyer home. Colby would call him "my baby" and he loved to give him his stuffed animals, books, etc. to look at. It's so sweet to see such sincere brotherly love right from the start. Alex, you look amazing for just having given birth?! I love the name Charlie Archie and we can't wait for a playdate to meet him soon!!

  6. Love the name so much! He's so beautiful! What a blessing! Cannot wait to meet these boys! :)

  7. Welcome to the world baby Charlie.:)
    Alex, what a gorgeous family you make. These beautiful photos really make me smile.
    Enjoy this precious time with your husbands and sons. Huge congratulations!!! xxx

  8. Aah.....that should read husband!!!