Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Big Day

Tomorrow Rafi is going to school with big boy underwear on. I forgot to send him in undies today but it seems as though the school potty training is going much better than our attempts as he came home today and, after his bath (when he was naked) he asked to go for a pee pee on the potty.

I'm expecting lots of wet clothes tomorrow but it's going to be a big day in the Oliver-Campbell household.


  1. Wooooo! Go rafi! Does he have Thomas pants?

  2. You may be pleasantly surprised. I found that all of mine were so pleased being out of nappies that they never wet their pants fully. Perhaps just a teeny bit of leakage before they got to the potty on time, but never fully wet through.
    Another big boy achievement - he sounds ready to be a big brother! :)

  3. Lou, he does! He wore James pants this morning.. then kept on wanting to see the pants! lol He was so funny and said something like 'my dinky is in James' pants'! Oh, the innocence. He did a pee pee last night and then again this morning. I felt horrible, actually, as I had just been on a frustrating walk with the hounds and arrived home to a very uncooperative 3 year old, and I was feeling so frustrated. Raf said to me, 'mummy, are you happy?" and I responded, "NO, because you won't pee pee in the potty and I can't get you in your James pants'! I didn't say it in the most patient tone, either.. and so he toddled off to the bathroom and I helped him to sit on the loo and he peed... and he said, 'you happy?' Eek, it didn't feel like a great parenting moment, though we did do the pee-pee dance and he got a sweety... See, also resorting to bribery and positive reward systems,

    Julie, is J potty trained?!

    Ariella, I hope so! He has been interested in potty training a few times but mostly it's been our laziness that has stopped us following through. Mind you his interest is very intermittent. I don't think we'd be trying right now if his teacher hadn't offered to help! Hopefully this will be it! And he is soooooooo excited to be a big brother. He's going to be great!

  4. Yay!! Way to go! Good luck Rafi and Alex :)

  5. How'd it go? I'm on the edge of my seat! So proud of all of you. xoxo

  6. Well... there were a lot of wet clothes :) But "A" for effort! I took him to Panera last night and he tried to go for a pee pee and then got a bit upset that he couldn't go. He did, though, go this morning on the potty and was incredibly proud of himself. I also did a pee pee and we had a good ol' pee-pee-dance-party! I sent him off in big boy pants again today and I'm hoping he manages to let the teachers know when he needs to go. They're very proactive and patient, which is great. He did try a lot yestdray, I think, but didn't need to go at the right times :)