Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Fun

We've been back almost 3 weeks and it's been a busy time so not a lot of time to catch up on blogs, especially as Rich still needs to write about his time in the UK with some of his family (when I wasn't able to be there). Thus a quick photo catch-up...

Kiltie - who eventually forgave us for leaving him and Sammy for almost 4 weeks! Mind you, there were in very good hands and seemed happy and content when we got home.

And of course the semester was well over by the time we returned. We have also taken Raf out of school for the summer, so I've taken advantage of not being department chair, and have enjoyed a few little lunch time naps with the boys. Honestly, Raf wasn't tired... he assured me.

Charlie also seems to have aged considerably whilst away. He now loves going on his scooter, and while ha has the action down he's not quite big enough to propel himself forwards so one of us pushes him.

Raf also seems to have found a new love for chores (hurrah!). He especially enjoyed cleaning and wiping down the counter-tops. Other jobs include the recycling, helping with the dishwasher, laying the table, feeding the pups, and anything else that takes his fancy.

It's been lovely weather (until today.. and now it's pouring) but on our first trip back to the beach, Raf climbed the lifeguard tower and immediately jumped off the top. Now, I'm not sure how smart we are as parents letting him do this (broken arm 2 is around the corner, I fear), but last year he was much too scared to even try it so I'm very proud that he felt confident enough to do it. Well done, Raf.

Lots of beach time with the boys.

And a trip to Kennebunkport for some sorbets.. and trains.

Mummy love.

And lots of al fresco eating.

And some 'school' work...

With teacher-Raf.

Lots of dog walking and bike-riding around the neighborhood... but never too busy to stop and smell the flowers.

And climbing galore.. at home.

And at the park.

A date with boys at the Narrow Gauge Railroad museum in Portland.

And a train ride.

Even food shopping has been fun(ish!) We stop and take a break.

And then also lots of dressing-up.. and jumping from the bed like real-flying dragons.

And a nature hunt (bit of a disaster when the boys are very tired).

And lots of fresh fruits - especially strawberries.

Some early morning runs.

More dress up as mum - and then as dad.

Squeezing in a trip to the dentist (beautiful teeth!).

And then lots and lots and lots of fun with our neighbors. Raf and Charlie LOVE hanging out with Benjamin (almost 3) and his cousin Ava (7). They literally have spent hours and hours together since we got back.

Charlie trying to keep up.

And yes, again to the beach.

And every morning a snuggle with the boys.

And ice-pops. Lots of them.

And a little bit of sauce on your face, Charlie.

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