Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Adventures

Raf begins kindergarten in a little over a month and we're trying to make the most of every day - which is a big challenge as Rich is doing some per diem work and I have about 3 research projects on the go. But we've been having some lovely adventures - including lots of play dates, especially with our neighbours, who Raf and Charlie absolutely adore. Indeed Raf spends much of his time when we're home, looking out of the window to see if his friend Benjamin is home!

On Monday evening, despite the chilly evening, we headed to the beach for an evening walk. It took an unexpected turn as the boys decided to initiate a mud-sand fight with poor old Rich. They had a fabulous time, and inevitably they were absolutely filthy by the end of it.

Tuesday we had a really lovely play date with Raf's friends' Addie and Calla (and my friend Margaret).  Before they arrived, the boys had a fun time playing together - and I read my kindle for 3 minutes!

Raf wanted to be buried and of course Charlie wanted to follow his big brother. Margaret turned them into mermaids (mer-men!) and they lay there relaxing for a good while.

Margaret introduced us to a new game - standing on your shadow, which was a lot of fun, and actually very tiring as Raf and Charlie weren't keen on ending the game!

And then we were lucky enough to be met by our lovely neighbour Shannon, and her boys and niece.

Towards the end Addie found a smelly old glove, which became a source of contention as both Raf and Addie were keen to take it home. Addie is an absolute sweetie, and as Raf started to cry she handed it over to him and preceded to then burst into tears.  Raf went to give it back and Addie exclaimed, through hot tears, 'No, I don't want to make Rafi sad. I'll get over it'! We agreed upon a shared custody deal, and that seemed to make both happy.


Lovely times with the boys. We're heading into the final month before Raf becomes an official kindergartener....

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