Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Charlie! 21 months.

Charlie is 21 months tomorrow! He's seeming so much more like a toddler these day and his little personality is really blossoming. He's so feisty and funny and though he's fairly shy around strangers, he does love to give high-fives and wave to all he sees. He's saying more and more (which is really so  new to us as Raf was such a late talker) and he now more regularly puts two words together (where dada, hi and bye mama/dada/Raaa/, go bi(ke), etc., etc. 

He adores his big brother so much, and basically copies all that he does. In fact, he won't even wear his bib at meal times until sweet Raf acts like a good role model and puts on one, too. He's very mischievous, wanting all that Raf has (we should buy two of everything, we've quickly realized), loves snuggles and ice-pops, watermelon, pasta, digging in the sand, riding his bike, and, of course, playing with trains. He is not keen on being changed, brushing his teeth, cold water, and having his face wiped. While Charlie and Raf are quite similar, they're also quite different: I think that Charlie is a little more daring (as he tries to keep up with Raf), Raf is more agreeable (for instance, he has never minded having his teeth brushed). Raf used to receive comments from his teachers about what a neat eater he was/is, and Charlie is in no danger of receiving that sort of feedback. Both, though,  are incredibly tactile and loving and every day I wish these days would slow down. 

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