Sunday, July 27, 2014

Running with the boys

I've not been running much as I'm recovering from a weird knee injury - that led to no running over the winter and much of the spring. This past few weeks I've been able to run a little more, though, but with Rich working late into some evenings, I don't want to wake him up early to look after the boys so I've been taking them out for runs. They're super company - if a little heavy - and Raf is a good sport about coming along. Mind you, he does talk incessantly, and since I am so out of shape and I'm huffing and puffing, it's quite interesting trying to have a conversation! There are many little water breaks... 

One of our favourite runs is to the state park. We're always alone as the park doesn't open until 9, and the boardwalk takes us directly to the beach. Lovely. 

Morning juice boxes - a bit of a treat!

Running through the park.

Glorious Maine.

And we're off home...

Another morning - a hazy, hot, and humid run.

On Friday we ran a different route - a nice 6 miler to Ocean's Park and back.

And as always, a stop off at the beach...

I love the time with the boys, though inevitably, during the last mile, I pant out, 'Raf, sorry, I just can't talk anymore!"


  1. The boys are good sports!

  2. Good for you, Alex, for your determination to get out there! And good for them for being such champs about it! I'm really glad you're able to start running again. xoxo