Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Rides

I may not get out on my speedy bike very often, but it's a lot of fun going riding with this lot. Charlie loves his little carrier, which sits on the front of my bike, and he literally squeals when he realizes we're going out in it. Coaxing him out of the seat is another thing. He never complains, often chats away, and when sleepy he somehow manages to nap in the thing. Phenomenal. Very sweetly, he often asks to hold my hand as we're riding along. It's very sweet.

We're lucky enough to live fairly close-by to some trails. Raf often rides in the Chariot trailer, which is fairly heavy though very comfortable for the children. Indeed Raf was fast asleep as I took this photograph.

But then, last week, we bought this....At first Raf was slightly terrified as we rode around the neighbourhood, calling out, MUMMY, BE CAREFU, and squealing as we bumped along. Very quickly, though, his confidence grew, and on our first proper ride, me and the two boys rode over 18 miles. I was very impressed!

Raf is pretty proud of himself - at the turnabout point.

We stopped for donuts en route home.

A really fabulous ride with the children - who were very good sports and moaned very little (except Raf had a sore bottom :)!)

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