Saturday, August 9, 2014


Poor Rafi is poorly again. He's being have recurrent episodes of very high fever and sometimes vomiting. I thought that he was dealing with some food poisoning but there have been several instances and we're becoming increasingly worried. His temperatures are very high and whilst medicine brings the fever down fairly easily, it's difficult not to become too concerned. I spoke to the Dr. today and we're heading in this week to have him checked out. Poor little fella. In between the sickness, though, we've been having some lovely times this summer. 

Last week we headed to the lake - where we were married - and enjoyed a really nice afternoon swimming in the lake, playing in the play ground (well, I read my book and Rich took them!), and enjoyed a picnic. We drove past our old house and not only has it been knocked down but there's now a road going straight through it!

The water is so much warmer than the sea!

We've also been enjoying our brilliant neighbourhood. We're very lucky to have some wonderful neighbours. They would spend all their time together if they could!

They go from one house to another, seeking out toys and snacks!

Glorious morning runs....

And even enjoying the fruits of the rain and our terrible driveway which has a massive puddle when it down pours.

Raf has been desperate to go on the fair-rides at OOB so we headed there earlier this week and enjoyed chips and the fair. It's like being on holiday when you're there, and difficult to believe that it's a couple of miles down the road from us.

Charlie's first ride!

It seemed as though Charlie would enjoy this one, but I should have known from a couple of years ago when poor Rory was positively terrified once this ride got going.

Charlie had a similar reaction. Thankfully the woman stopped the ride immediately and we were able to get him off. Poor lad.

The next night... ice-cream date with friends.

And on Friday, Raf's first time at the local water park. I should have known that Raf was sick as he was pretty lackluster and pale. I thought he was just tired as the night before he'd said to me, 'mummy, I am so desperate to go to bed' as we walked back from the ice-cream shop.

Still, he had a super time with his friend Cordelia and he especially liked the big slide we went down on this double ring. The final time he was completely dunked into the water and then he was ready to leave.

We were planning on a big weekend of fun but with Raf not feeling well we had a stay at home day, which was a nice change of pace.

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