Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Boy Rafi

Raf is getting ready to head to kindergarten. It's coming up very quickly, with a trial day on the 5th and a start day of the 8th. This summer we've been trying to get him ready. He took part in a kindergarten academy at his new school, which was really good for him as he got to meet some new friends. He'll also know some pals from preschool. None of them are in his class but having them there in school is a big comfort. To get him ready we've made some changes to the boys' room, taking down the crib (sniff, sniff - though Charlie never slept for a second in it!), an old bookcase, and putting in some good storage units and a desk! I popped down to Ikea just south of Boston and we got some good deals. Raf was so happy and excited when he saw his new room!

Charlie is so excited, too!

Storage for trains...!

Raf wanted to keep his tree decal and animal pictures, which I was very happy about.

Trying out his new desk and chair.

We also headed to LL Bean to buy a rucksack and new shoes. A red one, of course!

Charlie was also desperate to get one. We didn't come home with one (he's inheriting Raf's doggy backpack) but he enjoyed walking around LL Bean with it.

And new shoes!

We also headed out to get his 'list' of things he needs for school - such as note pads, pencils, glue sticks, and even head phones. 

He's growing up, he's ready for the next step... Yesterday he said, 'mummy, are you going to miss me?' I responded that I would indeed miss him, and he comforted me, saying, 'don't worry mummy, it's just down the road. It's going to be okay'. 


  1. Oh my, he's such a sweetheart. Those words brought a lump to my throat. I'm sure it'll be a proud/emotional day for you. Good luck. x

  2. Oh, what a guy! I'm so glad you have that little reassuring statement to keep close to your heart come Sept. 8th. :-) And I love the new room, and the backpack. Sage had the exact same red one when she started Kindergarten! Will keep all of you in my thoughts!!!