Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A hike and a playground adventure

Last Friday we took the boys for a hike up Bradbury Mountain. It's a really kid friendly hike and since there's a play ground there, too, there's extra fun to be had. I took the boys there last year on my own but this time we were lucky that Rich was around to join us. 

Here's Charlie in his 'hiking hat', which was actually his grandpa's hat that my mum gave to him when we were in Spain.

After a few falls we decided to pop Charlie in the Becco and he rode on my back for most of the hike. Raf had a super fun time leading the way as he looked for the coloured blazers on the trees along the way. 

Stopping for water and a family shot.

Nearing the top...

And we're there! It's a lovely view and Raf was excited to look through the binoculars that Rich had brought with him.

Getting a little tired as we near the end.

And then we were treated to some park fun. Rich and I had a very time, too! I have to confess that I really like to swing. I could do it for hours, and these swings were very robust.

Charlie hasn't enjoyed being in a swing for quite some time so I was glad to see he wanted to have a go.

Of course he preferred the big boy swings....

Looking forward to some autumn hiking with the children. Raf really enjoys it and does make me smile when he comments on the 'beautiful views' and 'amazing trees'.

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