Monday, September 1, 2014

Jack & The Weasel

As summer draws to a close - and the reality of not writing a blog for ages sets in...I will have to renew my efforts to pen a few words more frequently!! It's been a great summer - going back to old England & Spain, seeing friends and family in our old stomping grounds and letting the boys loose in new environments. Then back to Maine with sea and the lakes close by - I must do a recap of all this but for now I will recount a small incident with our brave little boy - and a jack in the box...

We have had a jack in the box since Rafi was small and he has always been wary of it - despite our efforts not to scare him - he always would shy away as we turned the handle and the weasel popped out - and he would laugh at himself despite him not wanting to appear scared. So fast forward a year or so and with a room change about - the jack in the box reappeared and I suppose Rafi thought it would be a good time to test his jack in the box mettle - so I caught him standing in the middle of his bedroom arms at full length very slowly (and I mean very slowly) turning the handle - with his eyes closed!! Our brave boy! He voiced later that he still doesn't like the 'Jack and the Weasel!'

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  1. Awwwwwww! What a cute little story! That is bravery for you. (And the weasel is so hilariously cute!)