Sunday, September 7, 2014


Raf begins kindergarten tomorrow. I asked him what shirt he wanted to wear and he said, "my grand opening day shirt". Funny boy. Last week Raf had a screening with his new teacher, Mrs. Marshall (who seems great). On Friday he had a step-up day, spending a couple of hours with his new class and riding the bus. He's been very adamant about not riding the bus but he really enjoyed his little trip with his new friends and has asked if we can sign him up for it! We''ll see.

Afterwards I tried not to pepper him with questions and later at the beach he did divulge a few things. He has a little cubby inside of the classroom where he put his water bottles, leaving his rucksack on his hook outside of the classroom. He also told me that he put his hand up when Mrs. Marshall was talking about busses and shared that there are also double-decker buses AND trains (we see one regularly at the trolley museum!)

Sadly I couldn't be there on Friday to drop him off, but Rich snapped a few pics a little video as he strolls off to his classroom.


I was there to pick him up, though! This is also the 'grand opening shirt', so we shall see it again tomorrow.

When we got home he said he wanted some time away from Charlie! Poor kid was so tired after 2 hours..

This was all he was ready for. The next month should be interesting... Raf's behaviour was a little unsettling this weekend....!!!

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  1. I've found they are extra tired for the first 6 months (and behave accordingly) and then things settle down. It is a big transition but he'll do great :) xxx