Wednesday, September 17, 2014

23 months old!

Charlie turned 23 months old today! He's a little daredevil, so funny and feisty, and Rich claims that he is very much like me (messy eater, a bit stubborn...!). His vocabulary has just exploded and he's speaking words so clearly, which is a bit disconcerting as he's showing himself to be such a big boy these days. He misses his brother terribly, and when he came to see me at work yesterday for a quick visit the first thing he said was, 'where's Rafi'?!

Charlie's favourite things:

Colour: Red (he thinks every colour is red, though)
Words: "No", "More", "Milkie"
Book: Zog
Food: Tomato pasta
Treat: Soy ice cream
Toys: Trains, trucks, cars, and my keys
Place: Outside/walking or cycling around the block
TV: Curious George/Cailou
Friend: Benjamin

Difficult to believe that in a month he will be TWO!!!!!!


  1. He looks as though he has just battered Raf with the spade and is now about to dig a trench for him :) Cheeky Chap!

  2. What a cutie! I cannot believe he is almost two!!!!

  3. Wow two years!! Both Rafi and Charlie are super cute and handsome :)

  4. LOL Fiona!! That about sums it up!

    I know, Jen! Crazy.

    Thanks, C x