Sunday, September 7, 2014

Final days of summer....

We've been making the most of these final summer days. Classes for me returned a couple of weeks ago, but tomorrow is Raf's FIRST proper day of kindergarten. It really feels as though these are the final days of summer... 

So a quick recap of these final glorious summer days/weeks in photo form.

Here the boys watch on as we (finally) got out driveway paved.

More fun with Benjamin. 3 lovely blondies.

Fun cycling time with the entire crew.

Evening beach walks.

Morning runs.

Beach afternoons.

Making friends.

Old Orchard Beach fun.

With Charlie looking on.

Chips on the beach.

Waterpark fun.

Unveiling the driveway!

Brilliant sunrises.

Biking for ice-cream.


Birthday party with his old friend Denny.

Many trips to the Trolley Museum.

Yet more beach time.

New more friends.

Park fun.

A visit from Raf at work. We headed out for lunch and he snapped 10 exact pictures.

Did I mention we headed to the beach a lot? Rich has been working a few late afternoons/evenings so often the boys and I head to the beach for a picnic tea.

But we also go together... more chips on the beach!

A brilliant summer with the boys.

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