Thursday, June 26, 2014


Last Thursday, Raf graduated from preschool! They kindly waited for us to get back from our trip and we were so glad that they did. I dropped Raf off at school at 3 so he could practice for the ceremony, and all of his old friends came over to hug him, letting him know how much they'd missed him. It was very sweet!

Rich, Charlie, and I returned at 4 with some soy ice-cream with us so Raf could join in with the ice-cream party that followed. It was a really sweet afternoon. The children sang familiar songs and all the children went up to collect their 'diploma' and a little book. Jacob, a little boy in the class who is battling cancer, was the official helper. 

Next to his bestie, Rowan.

And Cole!

I managed to catch a quick photo of the boys together before we headed in for ice-cream.

A final hug for Row (including a bared bottom!)

And then we headed to OOB for some chips and took them to Camp Ellis where we enjoyed an hour on the beach, eating chips, playing in the sand, and then Raf ran into the freezing water.

it was cold! We're now gearing up for kindergarten... It's so very cliched, but I have no idea how he's already heading to school!

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