Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Beautiful Spain

So many photos to share and remember. These are just a few of each day. On the Wednesday we headed to Gudalest, which is a lovely little mountain town with a very old castle. It was a super day (though it was clear Raf was coming down with something). Nonetheless, we climbed the big hill and visited the old ruins, which had been devastated by an earthquake centuries ago.

En route up the hill we came across the playground with perhaps the most beautiful view in the world!

Looking a little tired and unwell.

It's a long way down!

After a couple of poorly days Raf was back and hungry. Nana made us a lovely veggie pasta dish.

And the boys were totally tuckered out after lots of beach and pool time.

Raf actually slept in the spare single bed in nana's room. He loved it.

Raf's confidence in the water was really growing the more he swam in the pool. He had his arm bands on but I think he is very close to swimming without aides.

We managed a couple of trips to the market while there. The local fruit is phenomenal, especially the fresh dates. I also bought some cool pumps for the boys.

And then so much fun at the many, many playgrounds near to my mum's.

And yet more beach fun. So much fun.

We all walked the couple of miles to the Old Town while we were there. Gorgeous boardwalk.

And then more playground fun.

And yes, more beach.

And special ice-pops.

And MORE beach.

Raf's drawing of his time with nana.

Charlie showing off grandpa's sun hat.

And final moments in the pool.

Goodbye nana.

Goodbye, cool car.

Goodbye Spain.

Another airplane journey.


  1. So fun, Alex!
    I am curious - what does Rafi have to say about why Nana's hair is sticking straight up in his lovely drawing? Unless that is Mummy... :)

    Sending lots of love to all you Oliver-Campbells!
    xoxox fia

  2. Lol, Fia! He always laughs as he's drawing the hair, and says. 'big hair'!

    I miss you! xoxo