Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunny Spain

After 12 days in London we started our travels to Spain to see mum. I was very sad to say goodbye to some of my favourite students, but we were all looking forward to some sunny weather and spending time with mum. I was sort of dreading this journey because we had to make our way from London to Birmingham with all of our luggage (including two incredibly heavy car seats). We got a taxi to Euston station, a train to Birmingham, and then another train to the airport... then the plane and then a hire car to mum's. After almost a couple of weeks of very awful sleep, we were all feeling rather exhausted. 

Raf saying goodbye to some of his fav student friends, especially one young woman who he had a massive crush on!

Somehow we made it to the train, and the boys had a lovely time looking out the window. 

Poor Rich was dragging the dreaded car seat bags (those Diono seats are monstrously heavy) and we were quite happy that the boys fell asleep almost as soon as we boarded the plane. That's not to say that there wasn't a great deal of argy bargy as the boys vied for prime position to see out of the window.

We arrived! And it's hot and sunny...

We found our car hire (fortunately we hired a satnav so eventually made it to mum's). Raf was so, so excited. He really adores his nana!

Big hugs...

That evening the boys dragged me into the pool for a paddle and a complete soaking, and the next day we made it to the beach after a little trip to the market.

Later to hit the cafe to catch up on work.... but there's nothing better than working in an outdoor cafe with wifi.

Charlie enjoyed the playground in mum's complex.

And we hit the pool.

Whilst we were there, we all came down with some form of illness. Poor Raf had a horrendous 48 hour tummy bug, which left him with a terrible fever, and Rich and I came down with awful coughs and colds. Before that set in, though, I managed to get in an early morning run. It really is a stunning place.

One of Charlie's favourite things to do was to play on the playground. He especially liked swining on the slide barrier-pole.

The highlight, though, was always the gorgeous beach. Charlie wasn't too keen on the water, but he loved digging in the sand.

While Raf loved, loved the water!

So many lovely memories.. and lots of photos!

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