Friday, June 20, 2014

Childhood Home

I was lucky enough to grown up in a beautiful part of England in a little village called Combeinteignhead. We lived overlooking the river, in a bungalow which my dad half-built. The house has long since been heavily renovated,  but the surroundings are exactly as they were. Steps led  down to the beach area, and while the pictures here are of the River Teign with its tide well-out, you can see how breathtaking it all is.  

The steps led directly to this part of the river's beach. There used to be many other boats moored, and I wonder where they've gone. 

The fields in the backdrop used to be full of lambs with a pug farm along the way. This is why I became a vegetarian as a young girl - I just couldn't fathom eating those lovely animals.

The new owners of the house completely changed the steps to the beach, but you can get a sense of how it used to be for us.

And this is my special tree.. I used to climb through the hedge, on to this tree, and then would clamber down to the beach. Dad tied many a rope swing to the branches and I have to believe that this is actually some of the original rope.

Showing the boys so many special places.

I used to have my own little rowing boat. I was probably around 7, and without a life jacket(!) - I'd row across the river, pretending I was George from the Famous Five books. I showed Raf my favourite rock where i'd tie up the boat (when the tied was in) and have a lounge about. Dad would keep an eye out on me from the garden, and one of his proudest moments of me was a man saying to him, 'your son is a very good rower'!!

it's much prettier with the tide in, but across the river you can spy Haytor.

My favourite rocks.

My lovely childhood tree.

Recreating my childhood!

Playing in the little stream.

Archbrook bridge.

The little carpark where I'd often park my car.. and where I once found a dead body! Memories, memories.


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  2. Beautiful Alex! Very nostalgic!!! How I wish your dad was with you all today to cherish these wonderful memories and see his grand kids growing up in fantastic parenting!!!
    Lots of love :)