Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Brother

More and more, Raf sees himself, and acts, like a 'big' brother. He looks out for Charlie, worrying about him, trying to protect him, and whilst of course they inevitably argue over trains and other toys, it's a lovely friendship they're developing.

I often overhear him saying things such as, 'my darling sweetheart, Charlie', 'that's my sweet baby brother'. 'what about Charlie...?',  'I think he's happy because he's with his brother', 'I should stay home and look after Charlie', 'I know you love me, Charlie', 'Aw, Charlie really loves me, look at him smiling at me'!

When it's time for a meal, Raf has started to get his brother ready, running to get Charlie's bib and putting it on him.

I was out earlier this week for a work event, and Rich had the delight of putting both boys to bed. As we predicted, Charlie would be very sad about it, and as he lay there crying with Rich trying to console him, Raf called down from the top bunk, 'he misses his mama. He can't get to sleep without his milkies', On hearing the word, 'mama', Charlie began to exclaim, 'mama, mama, mama'. Poor Charlie and poor Rich, but what a sweet boy Raf is to his little brother.

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