Monday, May 5, 2014

Busy Boys

I had a lovely Sunday with the boys. Charlie enjoyed a super long nap (his night sleep is so appalling at the moment, I can't even write about it!!). This meant that I could have some one-on-one time with Raf. First he helped me in the garden.... out of nowhere it started to hail - which was actually Raf's first experience of 'ice' falling from the sky. 

He really loved gardening - which is a good thing because I don't have green fingers and don't actually love it - but I was really enjoying myself alongside Rafi boy. We managed to dig out our one and only flower bed, and later this week we'll get some new annuals to brighten the patch up. 

Because Charlie is still so little, Raf isn't able to play with proper legos lest Charlie pops the tiny pieces - perfectly sized to choke him - but with Charlie still asleep, we got out a few lego sets that Raf has been sent. He really enjoyed it!

It was also our first picnic of the year... albeit inside! I spent the afternoon transferring our winter hats and coats from the coat cupboard to the cellar, replacing the wooly mittens, etc for picnic baskets, blankets, and totes. This provoked the request for the picnic, and Raf declared that it was the best picnic he's ever been on!

This is a very busy time of the year from me, but I did get to enjoy an early home day (for a Monday, which is usually my long day) and took the boys outside to play on their playground.

Some kind neighbours brought around a couple of bags of sand to restore our sand box, and Raf enjoyed helping his dad put it in.

Whilst Charlie enjoyed shoving his fire engine down the slide.

There is goes... AGAIN!

And Raf enjoyed the new fresh sand.

Just over two weeks unit we go to London. My brother-in-law surprised my sister and I with tea at the Ritz on one of the days I'm free in London! That'll be fun. Probably I should leave my Maine dog fleece at home.

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  1. Lego is a huge favourite here with my youngest. It's virtually an obsession! I'm sure when Charlie is older you'll have plenty of 'quiet' moments when they're both engrossed in their Lego together. :-)

    Looks like you're all having a wonderful time enjoying the spring weather. As always, you have such gorgeous photos to show what you're getting up to.

    Tea at the Ritz!!! Lucky you, Alex. :) xx