Sunday, May 18, 2014

Birthday Week Round-Up

We've had a lovely, lovely weekend - with lots of unplanned play dates, but here's a few pics from last week, which involved a swim class, a spontaneous play date in Target with Raf's old friend Denny, a lot of playing in the backyard (well, in the building plot next to our house), and a lovely birthday. 

Raf practices swimming on his back.. and then with his noodle. I think he's close to swimming unaided. Hopefully we'll get him there when we're in Spain.

And then a surprise run-in with Denny! This is one of Raf's favorite people. He is a real sweetheart. He used to be in Raf's class and both love trains. Need I say more.

Whilst we're still paying for this play-set, I'm happy to say that at least it's very, very well used! Charlie gives me a daily heart attack as he can climb the ladder already.

But the best fun is free! lots of mud hills for the boys to play on.  Raf was joined by a few friends this weekend, so it was even more fun than usual. Just so, so filthy when they eventually come in.

And then I turned 38 - yes, THIRTY-EIGHT, on Tuesday.

Another gorgeous breakfast, flowers, and a balloon! And a pedicure...!

And of course, another cake. We actually had 4 cakes in one week. Something of a record, but one we'll aim to beat sometime in the near future.

And then sleep....!

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