Saturday, May 10, 2014


Dad would have turned 89 yesterday. As we've done for the past couple of years, we headed to a pub he really enjoyed. During out first year here, he was over for his birthday (his 77th) and we took him there for dinner. Dad was so, so fussy and it was something of a miracle that we found a place where he sort of enjoyed the food.

We had to wake Raf when we arrived so he was a wee bit grumpy at first, though he was very excited to 'celebrate Grandpa'. There's a picture of a man with a beard that hangs on the wall, and Raf always thinks it's dad!

Dad always enjoyed a pint of beer, so Rich had the job of honouring that piece!

And Charlie enjoyed his favourite pasta.

And Raf enjoyed chips!

Look at Charlie's funny expression. I think they were both hoping I'd just leave them alone to eat their food.

And then the real fun started... we decided to play pool. If dad could have been said to have a hobby, it would have been pool. He and Rich would head to the pub and play game after game. Sometimes 20 games plus! Dad would invariably win the head to heads, and Rich has some funny nicknames for him, and vice versa. I'll have to get Rich to write a post, but I'm sure that Dad called Rich 'dirty dog' when Rich would snooker him!

I hadn't played in a decade. It was really a fun time. I think we'll go back... sans kids!

Raf was really excited about it all. Each time the ball went down the hole he'd run as fast as he could to watch the ball drop and roll...

Charlie was a bit dangerous with the cue.

A dreary day but a beautiful part of Maine.

En route home, Charlie really wanted to hold hands with Raf... so sweet - even though Raf's arm was tired!

And then, of course, cake time. So many sprinkles.

We returned home for a nice birthday tea. We all came up with a Grandpa memory. Raf was remembering how he used to watch Peppa pig with his Grandpa.

Raf said, 'you blow out the candle, mummy, he was your dad'!

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

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