Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of an Era

Today was Rafi's last day of preschool. Such a big day for us (though Raf didn't quite experience the gravity we did!). In September he'll start kindergarten and I'm wondering how on earth he can already be almost 5 and ready to go to big boy school. We've absolutely loved his school, his classroom in particular. The teachers - Kristina and Jesse - are wonderful. So nurturing and such super teachers. Everyone in their room flourishes - and all the kids get along so well. It's really sad for us to be leaving. Raf will return in June for graduation (they're waiting for him to get back from England) to hold it.

They had a nice celebration for Raf today, though. We took in a cake and ice-pops for the good-bye party, and we hung around the playground this morning and this afternoon to soak up the final moments of his preschool days. Raf has some lovely friends. There's a play structure there but you have to be 5 to go on it... today Raf (and Charlie!) got to break the rules and played for a LONG time! It was difficult to leave!

Raf and his best buddy Rowan, playing on the swings yesterday.

Peter is on the left... he was one of Raf's first teachers (he was an intern there from the college where I work). Jesse is on the right. Rowan jumped into all the photos!

This morning we all dropped Rafi off. Charlie likes to hold Raf's lunch box for him...

Raf marches in....

And then waits for his brother...

Charlie playing on the 5 year old structure!

Inside for snack... and Rich and I really had to leave.

On the way out Charlie stopped and picked me a flower :)

And then we returned for a very long pickup, and more playing on the play structure.

Good friends.

Kristina, Jesse, Row, and Raf!

Raf's old friend, Denny. Rafi, Denny, Rowan - and another boy - Quarnte - used to be great friends when they were 3. All crackers about trains!

Denny! Such a cute kiddo.

And a graduation train: "Derrick" the diesel train.

When we arrived home we found a little book of drawings his classmates had done for him. So, so sweet.

Wonderful memories - and a bittersweet day. I really wouldn't mind if Raf stayed this age forever :)

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