Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day 2014!

A week late posting this, but this past week has been monumentally busy with end of the semester report-writing (still so many to write) before we leave for the UK on Wednesday. I also had almost every evening out of the house with a work or social event, so things have been rather crazy. Last Sunday, though, was Mother's Day! AS usual the boys arranged a lovely day. 

Morning cuddles on the couch. 

And then a short run for mummy to the beach. I've been nursing a knee injury for 5 months and last week I discovered that I have some weird edema of the bone marrow (not a torn meniscus as I thought). I've having to have lots of tests and have been referred to a specialist - but in the meantime I snuck in a little run for such a special day.

I returned to lovely flowers and a yummy breakfast.

And presents from the boys!

Raf shows me his handprint gift for me, which he painted beautifully.

And a lovely frame with photograph of my lovely boys and a much desired gift voucher for Starbucks where I often escape to (from home and my office) to do actual work.

And then a walk around the neighbourhood.

 Where Charlie popped off his bike to pick me some flowers.

And then a picnic on the deck!

And a bike ride to the beach. Raf did really well to ride all the way, and Charlie loves being in his little bike seat.

An hour or so playing on the beach... the first time this year.

The water was FRIGID.  Charlie wasn't impressed...

And then back home to a delicious cake. Rich's best so far, I would say. A vegan Victoria Sponge cake with icing and a candied cherry heart.

 A lovely, relaxing day in the midst of a month of chaos.

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