Monday, April 28, 2014

Raf's ABC

Every now and then we do Raf's ABC's with him just to see what words are floating around in that mind of his! Also to see whether new favourite words have replaced old ones (usually train related), so eyes down...

A - Apples
B - Bees
C - Cat
D - Daddy & Duke the train
E - Eggs
F - Food
G - Goo
H - Hiro the train
I - In
J - James the train
K - Kitty cat
L - Leg
M - Mamma
N - Nana
O - Oliver the train
P - Picture
Q - Queue
R - Rafi!
S - Strawberries
T - Tires
U - Umbrella
V - Vanessa
W - Water
X - Xylophone
Y - Yo-yo
Z - Zebra

Make of it what you will! I'm surprised no bodily functions weren't mentioned...

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