Saturday, April 26, 2014


It was a lovely Easter Sunday here - primarily because we didn't have to rush off to be anywhere! It began with a morning cuddle with the boys (as every morning does), but it was extra nice because we didn't have to get up to rush off to work, gym class, and so on.

We were a little bit underprepared and so I had to run downstairs and lay the eggs for the 'hunt' to find the boys' baskets. 


Raf looks rightfully skeptical here as we check to see if the Easter Bunny has been... she apparently did and left his note to her and the carrots she'd partly eaten.

Rich made a yummy breakfast to fuel us for our hunt... yum. And Raf even ate strawberries after at least a year strawberry strike. Hurrah!

And then Raf spied the baskets outside... we pretended we hadn't seen them so we could follow the trail.

And off we go.... The boys had a blast, especially Charlie who was really into it!

Yay! We found our Easter baskets (well, tins). Easter book, toothpaste (Raf was incredibly excited!), a new water bottle, crayons and a drawing pad, and...

Oliver-the-train! Raf has wanted this train for a very. very long time. It's difficult to find because it's a collectible and on Amazon they can be over $100! I found two on ebay very reasonably priced, so we got one Oliver for each of the boys. This proved to be a very good idea, and Charlie's even had green wheels and Raf's didn't.


As soon as the boys had finished sorting through their baskets I took them for a walk around the block for a doggy walk. Of course the trains came with us.

We bumped into some of our lovely neighbours, and they invited us around for another easter egg hunt, so once Charlie was asleep I took Raf back over and we spent a lovely hour or so with Raf's good, little friend, Benjamin and his big cousin Ava.

Yummy! Enjoying their spoils.

Whilst it wasn't the warmest day the boys played outside most of the afternoon as dinner was cooking (rather late because of our impromptu egg hunt).

And a bit of digging in his new trousers... why not?!

Finally, a lovely dinner with some tofurky, spring vegetables, and lots of roast potatoes. 

And colouring and drawing with new crayons...

James the train.

Full of treats...  I did make some vegan cadbury creme eggs, which are delicious. I haven't taken a photo yet. They're pretty yummy

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