Sunday, April 20, 2014

18 months old, Charlie!

It's difficult to believe but Charlie turned 18 months old on Thursday! I almost forgot, thinking it was Friday and had to cancel plans to see some friends, but despite it being a bit slap-dash we had a nice evening with yummy cake. Sadly, Charlie is poorly yet again. We've managed to escape a lot of sickness this winter until the flu, that is, but now we seem to be making up for lost time with all of coming down with another virus. Nevertheless, I got home from work a little early and spent some fun time with Charlie outside - puddle jumping, biking, and going down the slide. He loves being outside. 

As I was making the cake, though, I put him down on the sofa with an ice pop for his sore throat and when I went to check on him minutes later I discovered him asleep. It's the first time that's happened. Poor love. 

Rich and Raf went to get balloons while I made the cake... Raf was very excited for the party.

We made the same cake for Rafi when he turned a year and a half old. That time, my mum and dad were visiting (their last time over together) and it was a lovely, fun time. Charlie was a bit out of sorts but we enjoyed the balloons and his brother enjoyed the cake.

Charlie is a tiny tot, though. I took him to his wellness check up and he's around 31 inches (they couldn't get a proper height because he SCREAMS the duration of the appointment. He is not a fan of the Drs). He weighs just 23 pounds, and has a huge head (20 inches). That puts him around 12% for both height and weight. This is an improvement on his weight as he was down to the 5th percentile during his bout with the flu. Deb isn't worried, though I confess I am. He's really fallen off his curve. He's happy and doing well in every other way - which is what counts - but I think that his initial few months eating (mostly chewing and spitting out) followed by a very bad flu - has left him very much under his idea weight.

Hoping he puts on a little more height and weight in the coming months so that he's a little more robust. He has the personality of quite the bruiser!

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  1. How is it that he is 18 months old????? Where has the time gone? He and Raf are both such vibrant, happy, healthy guys, A. I'm sure that if you just keep doing what you're doing, Charlie will be absolutely fine. Truly!! (But of course it's your prerogative to worry. I know it's hard to help it.) So very happy to see all of you on the mend. I've been thinking of you so much. xo