Saturday, April 12, 2014


This week Rich and I met with Raf's preschool teacher. Well, I ended up meeting with her because Charlie was being a little rascal and wanted to play outside (he wasn't quiet about his desires). Raf will soon be starting big boy school - which is difficult for us to fathom. How on earth did he get so big.

We really, really love Raf's teachers and all of the kiddos in his class. We really were very fortunate in having Christina (the lead teacher) and Jesse (the assistant teacher) as teachers this past year. They're very child centered but have good boundaries with the children. Raf is very happy there. Recently Raf's best friend, Rowan, transferred into the class and so he's been even happier!

The meeting was fairly brief and Christina said he's doing really well and she thinks he'll flourish in kindergarten. 

Areas of strength:
* Very social and can easily make friends
* Gross motor skills are right on target
* Fine motor skills are progressing well
* Can recognize all the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to at least 10.

Areas to focus on:
* Focusing during group activities 
* Calendar-learning the days of the week
* Practice writing letters

We were relieved to know that he is following others less and being a little more discerning. That was an issue that his teachers brought up last time we met. 

One thing that is very sweet is that when he walks into his class each morning, lots of Raf's classmates come over to see what train he's brought in that day. It seems as though more and more of his friends flock to see. Rich said that a couple of his friends came over for a group hug as he walked through the door. We're really going to miss his classmates and teachers.

Here Raf is saying good-bye to our lovely old Civic last week. It's been a good 13 years, old friend.

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  1. Very proud of the Rafman! xx

    Goodbye 'The Rocket!' 185,000 miles in 13 years, no major mishaps and repairs. And it's still going strong...