Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving... a bit late!

This is very late, but a quick few photos of our Thanksgiving with Stacey, Noah and their sweet newborn Nico and 21 month old Rosa. It was a lovely evening with their friends and family and even though Raf was a bit overwhelmed at first, by the end of the night he was having a fine old time.

We have so much to be grateful for, and some day soon, when we're less frantically busy, we'll write a proper post about it all. For now I'll leave these photos and say that we're so grateful for you lot for reading and leaving your comments. it means a lot to us.

Wee bit overwhelmed at the big boys and girls' table.

Uh oh...

Thanksgiving Tofurky

Playing with Addie and Rosa after dinner.


  1. Obviously I began this post on MONDAY!!!!!!!

  2. lol.
    I'm grateful for you lot, too! I love that you share a snippet of your lives together here and I cannot wait to see you all very very soon!